Support Your Club!

In the past, North East Cheshire DA were fondly known as the Black Cats.
The logo and cat motif are easily recognisable and highly regarded within the camping community.
So why not show your support and buy some promotional items – we have lots to choose from!

Necda flag approx 80cm x 50cm £10 each
Purchase from your steward or Email to order
Necda enamel pin badge @ £1.50 each or 4 for £5
Purchase from your steward or Email to order
Pennon @ £6.50
Purchase from your steward or Email to order
Clothing items available:
Hoodies – full zip £22, partial zip £18
Sweatshirts – £15
Polo shirts – £10.80
T shirts – £9
All prices are approximate.
Contact Mandy Cohn on for further details

Doug Green has sourced some window stickers & decals for those who’d like to decorate their wobble box/campervan/motorhome. He is willing to co-ordinate a group order. Here are the details:

The stickers are made from clear polyvinyl (PVC) so have a clear or translucent backing and are available for the outside surface or for inside a window. 

You can also have an exterior decal – speak to Doug about your requirements to get a price.

Please note: the samples are just mock ups – the supplier will be using the actual Necda logo artwork