Lansdowne THS – Cancelled

Sadly we have been unable to find enough stewards for this event and have had to reluctantly cancel the event.
Understandably, the land owner was less than happy so if any other DA is interested in using this site in August, please contact Ron Tyson on 01772 814075.

Urgent notice re Manor Farm meet this weekend

BAD NEWS- Due to a change in staff and an almighty admin error, they have no booking for us. The rally field is 3ft high so they offered to accommodate us on the camping field but wanted an almighty £20 pun!In the interests of our members, we have decided to walk away from their offer.
GOOD NEWs is we’ve been able to find another venue at short notice – well done Mr Chairman. We are off to Holmston Hall which is between Winsford & Tarporley and has on site fishing available ( at extra cost)Cost pun is just £10 and we really hope you will join us. Anybody who booked Manor Farm will be contacted to see if you are happy to switch your booking to the new venue