2021 Meets

Urgent notice re Lansdowne THS

30/07 to 22/08/2021
Sadly we have been unable to find enough stewards for this event and have had to reluctantly cancel the event.
Understandably, the land owner was less than happy so if any other DA is interested in using this site in August, please contact Ron Tyson on 01772 814075.

Booking System
You may be wondering why you need to book? Simply to ensure we have space for everybody as some sites have limited capacity. It also helps us comply with any track n trace requirements.
So when can you book?
For a weekend or 5 day meet: 2 weeks before the start of the event
For a Temporary Holiday Site (THS): 1 calendar month before:
Cemaes = 9am 6th July
Why can’t I book sooner?
Two reasons: We can’t be sure the event can go ahead till nearer the time; we want to give everybody a fair chance and avoid No shows/phantom bookings.
So bookings for our 1st event at Eccleshall Castle will open at 9am Sunday 11th April.
How to book?
Please remember Andy has taken on the bookings role in addition to Treasurer so please make his job easier and email necdabookings@gmail.com and state: Name, membership number, confirm event and number of nights.
No prepayment necessary and like last year we will require correct cash in a clear sealed bag.

Here’s a handy leaflet so you can start planning your 2021 calendar.
All these meets are subject to getting stewards so let us know if you want to volunteer!

  • The DA mobile number is 07921  144920.
    Signal permitting, this will be available from the start of the meet for the duration of the meet.
  • Please note that all meets open at 14:00 unless otherwise advised on the meet description.
  • Please do not arrive before that time, as the stewards will not have had enough time to set up the site. Thank you for your co-operation.